Penny For The Boatman

The Kerry Boys
Pierce Campbell / Twelfth Octave Music


The long journey is almost done Sun’s setting twilights begun A river vast and thick as oil On which the boatman forever toils Keep your eye upon the penny meant to pay the boatman No gold or silver can be used to reach the other side Keep the copper in you eye or roam the banks forever No penny for the boatman, no penny for the ride No penny for the boatman, no penny for the ride Pockets empty of the boatman’s fare To cross alone one would never dare Without the coin the journey never ends Seeking payment his hand extends A stranger’s kindness and a copper gift Will ensure the boatman’s oars are swift The soul is yearning as the shore draws nigh Copper tears of relief are cried





  • Jun 14
    Scottish Dave's Pub,  Clinton
  • Jun 19
    Litchfield Park & Rec show,  Litchfield
  • Jun 21
    Beacon Falls Park & Rec Concert,  Beacon Falls
  • Jul 7
    Madison Beach & Rec Dept Concert,  Madison
  • Jul 12
    Scottish Dave's Pub,  Clinton