A Pint or So

The Kerry Boys - The kerry Boys
Written by Pierce Campbell


Well my wife is a year passed on and my children are all gone And there's no-one to watch over me in my agein' So I take care of myself, tip a pint back to my health 'Cause it helps me in this war on life I'm wagein' Hey ho, give me a pint or so, and I'll not bother you until I'm sober Hey ho, give me a pint or so, and I'll not bother you until I'm sober Some say I drink too much but those are just rumors and such People like to tease a man when he's been drinkin' So buy me one more beer and leave me to my tears 'Cause I'll not tell a soul of what I'm thinkin' Sometimes I get so sad thinkin' 'bout this life I've had As I raise another glass to friends who have fallen And I wonder why it's me the Lord forgets to see Or have I justnot heard him when He's been callin' Now I see the reaper's face he say's I was misplaced And he's sorry for all the trouble that he caused me One thing before we go, that's to buy a pint or so 'Cause I'll not leave behind the thing that has pleased me





  • Jul 19
    Winsted Friends of Main St Concerts,  Winsted
  • Jul 21
    Farmington Public Library - Barney Branch,  Farmington
  • Jul 24
    Naugatuck Arts Commission Concert,  Naugatuck
  • Jul 31
    First Congregational Church Waterbury,  Waterbury
  • Aug 3
    Scottish Dave's Pub,  Clinton