Donald Where's Your Trousers

The Kerry Boys - The Kerry Boys


Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low Through the streets in my kilt I go All the lassies say hello, Donald where's your trousers I just come down from the Isle of Sky I'm not very big and I'm awfully shy The lassies say as I go by, Donald where's your trousers I go to a fancy ball and it was slippery in the hall And I was afreared I would fall 'Cause I had on me trousers I went down to London town To have a little fun on the underground The Ladies turned thier heads around sayin' Donald where's your trousers





  • Aug 21
    Farmington Public Library - Barney Branch,  Farmington
  • Sep 15
    Milford Irish Festival,  Milford
  • Sep 21
    Scottish Dave's Pub,  Clinton
  • Oct 19
    Scottish Dave's Pub,  Clinton