From the recording My One True Love


In London town I took my leave, from a life at sea
That’s where I met my one true love, no simple girl was she
The daughter of a fishin' man, north of Whidbey town
Dreaming like so many do, of London's underground

Oh my love, my one true love
Say that it will be
Oh my love, my one true love
You were meant for me

Enthralled was I as we embraced
A fortnight came and went
That's when I asked her for her hand
With my leave and pension spent
But with no more time or money
I knew what she would say
She kissed me one last time in the underground
Then it carried her away

So many years have passed since then
And yet my heart won't heal
I’m still haunted by my one true love
And the way she made me feel
Now I wander through the underground
To chance a glimpse of her
And a spark of recognition,
For the way that we once were