From the recording A Walk in the Irish Rain


When the sun goes down over Dublin town and the colors last for hours oh
The lights come on, the night's a song, and the streets all turn to gold
A gentle mist all heaven kissed, like teardrops off an angel's wing
Don't you know you'll cleanse your soul, with a walk in the Irish rain

Oh Catherine take my hand, I've got three pounds in change
I'll sing ya songs about love again, and when I get too drunk to sing
We'll walk in the Irish rain

Forever more I've stepped ashore, my sailin' days are over oh
Bide my time and by your side, together we'll grow old
I put my seed bag in the bin, I brought these pretty flowers home
Kiss me Kate, we'll celebrate, before the bloom is gone

A Tinker and a tailor and a drunken old sailor, they all get together and start to play
Time stands still , they sing their fill, we'll shout 'till the break of day
Sweet little lady with a glass of stout, drinkin' it down 'till the foam runs out
She'll help her old man home again, with a walk in the Irish rain