From the recording Red Haired Mary


While goin to the fair of Dingle, one fine morning last July
When goin down the road before me, A red haired girl I chanced to spy
I went up to her and said aye young lady, my donkey he will carry two
Well seein' as how ya have a donkey,To the dingle fair I'll ride with you
Now when we reached the town of Dingle, I took her hand to say goodby
When a tinker man came up, beside me and he belted me in my left eye

Take your hands of red haired Mary, her and I will soon be wed
We'll see the preist this very morning and tonight we'll lie in a married bed

Now I was feelin kinda pevish, and me poor old eye was sad and sore
So I gently tapped him with me hobnails
And he flew back through Murphy's door

A Policeman came around the corner, and he told me I had broke the law
When the donkey kicked him in the kneecap,
And he fell down and broke his jaw

Then he went off to find his brother, the biggest man you ever did meet
And he tapped me lightly with his knuckles, and I was minus two front teeth

Now the red haired girl she kept on smiling,
I'll go with you young man said she
We'll forget the priest this very morning, and tonight we'll lie in Murphy's shed

Now through the fair we rode together, my black eye and her red hair
Smiling gayly at the tinkers, and by god we were a handsome pair